Four years ago, I had the pleasure of shooting the Bar Mitzvah of Jake's older brother Aaron, in the same location, on the UWS of Manhattan.  I was so pleased to be called back to duty to document Jake's special day.  I hadn't seen the family in four years, so it was fun to reconnect not only with them, but with their extended family and friends as well.  One older gentleman I remembered from four years ago was Gene, a Great Uncle to Aaron and Jake.  When we first met I remember having an instant connection - he had a great smile and warm energy that was topped off (literally) with a well worn felt hat, covered in small pins from his travels over the years - if that hat could talk...

When I re-introduced myself to Gene, I found out that he recently lost the beautiful wife who was by his side four years ago.  I immediately remembered her and told him that I would dig up some photos of the two of them from Aaron's Bar Mitzvah.  Shortly after, he handed me a scrap piece of paper with his email scribbled on it.

Before leaving that evening, Gene asked me to take another photo of him.  He wanted to see what he looked like at 84 years old, and I happily obliged.  You judge for yourself, but I think he makes 84 look sunny.  

Connecting with folks like Gene along the way make my job as an event photographer fun, and I feel privileged to play a small roll in facilitating these memories.

Also, enjoy some photos of Jake and his party buddies at the tender age of 13.

Above : Photos above of Gene, from Aaron's Bar Mitzvah in 2010.

Below : Jacob's Bar Mitzvah 2014

And a few shots of the "adult" party upstairs ...